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Where's A Girl To Save her Money At?

December 6th, 2011 at 12:53 pm

I noticed today that ING Online bank has dropped it's interest rate again. ING savings account is now paying .85%. That is way better then my local bank pays but still so low.

I kind of enjoy the end of the year when I set new financial goals for the new year. I would like to work things out so my hubby can retire earlier then he expects. I am hoping for March 2015 as retirement for him. I have always been a full time homemaker.

We are already debt free so I am trying to save up a large emergency fund so that we can live just on his retirement pension that he would receive. We have a 401K, IRA's, and savings. I would like to just live on the pension but I'm not sure that is feasable. Hopefully when we reach the right age, we will receive our Social Security too.

4 Responses to “Where's A Girl To Save her Money At?”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    When I first signed up for ING it was paying 4%. .85% feels like a slap in the face to all savers. Although not as big a slap as what the local banks and CUs are paying. It does make it very discouraging to save. Not going to stop me, though.

  2. baselle Says:

    Although I bonds have a lot of strings, they currently yield the best rates - 3.06%. You can only put in $5K/yr though.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I agree the low interest rates make it a challenge to save...but I'm with Lucky Robin...I'm not going to stop.

  4. ladymiller Says:

    I agree with you LuckyRobin and Rob...can't stop saving just cause the interest rate is low!! Thanks Baselle for mentioning the bonds!!

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